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Giving Back


SuperConsulting is located in the small (pop. 1,729) New England town of Bridgewater (settled 1722), an amazing community where the spirit of giving and volunteerism abounds.


Our Burnham School and Burnham Library were originally established from a gift made posthumously by a wealthy nineteenth century sea captain who left the bulk of his estate to the town for the purpose of an educational nature.  Today volunteer organizations provide important funding, with Friends of the Burnham Library underwriting summer reading programs at the library and Burnham School PTO supporting the school's programs, most recently buying Kindles for every child at the school.


The Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Department and EMS serve all of us in Bridgewater yet they are able to operate entirely without support from town taxes.  They generate revenue to maintain and replace equipment from the proceeds of successful fundraisers held each year, the most notable of which is the Bridgewater Country Fair held each August and staffed by volunteers.


Community Caring in Bridgewater sponsors programs to enable seniors ito live in their homes independently as they grow older.  CCB provides neighbor-to-neighbor help with chores, provides utility and food assistance, and makes home modifications to improve quality of life, all at no cost to seniors. 


We are inspired by this amazing town, each of these institutions and all the volunteers who contribute their time and energy to keep them running.  We hope they inspire you, too.  Because if you can give of your time to plan or work at a fundraiser, make a donation to support a project, or volunteer to deliver services to the community, you will be helping to create your own amazing community.


Hope to see you at the Bridgewater Fair!


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